Your employer will probably have asked you to complete this elearning course on data security and protection.

If they have their own Learning Management System and have added this course to it, they will give you instructions about how to log in and start the course.

If your employer doesn’t have an LMS, you can just complete the course online. It’s really simple. The resources are completely free to access and you don’t need to log in or register.

You can complete the course in your own time and on any smart phone, tablet, laptop or computer with internet access.

Read the rest of this guide, and then go to From there, you can choose which module you want to complete.

Using a shared device: IMPORTANT INFORMATION

If you are using a shared device – like an office computer – that other people have also used to complete the elearning resource, talk to your line manager or the person who instructed you to complete the training.

They will need to ensure that the previous person’s session has been completed and that it safe to close the web page and enable you to start the course.

When you have completed your session, you should close all the web pages about the elearning modules or the assessment.

Choose a module

Once you’re on the main page for the elearning, you can click on the box to access each module, or go straight to the assessment.