A Northstar for Digital Transformation

A Northstar for Digital Transformation
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January 18th 2022

With the very rapid adoption of digital tools across social care, it’s important that such digital transformation leads to better outcomes for people receiving care, and improved information flows supporting those who support them with social care and health services.

Given the complexity of the sector, digital transformation can deliver very significant gains in terms of reducing the need for double entry of data onto different systems and can lead to improvements in patient safety as a result of better, more timely data gathering and sharing across those who need to know in the context of integrated care.

Digital Social Care and the Care Software Providers Association have worked together to develop a set of principles for digital transformation in social care. This “northstar” for digital transformation prioritises adopting technology which has a positive impact for staff and people receiving care and support.

The principles state that Digital Systems being rolled out to Social Care Providers and their interoperability must be:

  • Focussed on each person receiving care
  • Intuitively integrated in the operational workflow
  • A time saver and not lead to duplication of effort
  • Able to share information and report appropriately
  • Inclusive of social care providers and people receiving care in decision-making processes

Both entities endorsed these principles and will be working with key stakeholders across social care to secure wide endorsement.

You can download the principles and more information here (opens a PDF).

Learn more about transforming your social care organisation with technology and digital tools on our resources section or contact us for more information.


Photo by Mike Setchell on Unsplash

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