An opportunity for care providers to share their views and experiences of managing cyber security

An opportunity for care providers to share their views and experiences of managing cyber security

The following is an update from the Department of Health & Social Care about work they are doing in the sector on cyber security.

A survey of adult social care providers is about to launch to understand more about how cyber security is currently managed within the Adult Social Care sector. This is part of a wider programme of research looking at cyber security and data risk across the sector.

We know that adult social care is dedicated to supporting people to live better, healthier, more independent lives. Every day, more people in the sector recognise the huge opportunity that technology can bring to help providers to improve in their core purpose of delivering care. The use of new products and systems can enable care services to deliver high quality care.

Care organisations are at very different points in their journey to digitise and make the most of technology. As technology continues to become key to the delivery care, so does good cyber resilience to avoid attacks and respond if things go wrong.

The government is committed to helping adult social care providers improve their cyber resilience.Β  New ways of supporting the sector are being tested and considered. To help the government set the best approach, the Department of Health and Social Care have asked Ipsos, an independent research company, and the Institute of Public Care (IPC) at Oxford Brookes University, to research the state of cyber resilience in adult social care.

Care providers are being invited to take part in a survey either via email or by telephone – please look out for this.

Email invitations to complete the survey online will be sent in February 2024 from the following email addresses [email protected] and [email protected].

Some care providers may be contacted by Ipsos by telephone, from a phone number starting 0131. It should take you no more than 25 minutes to complete, and is a chance for you to share how the sector could be better supported to manage cyber security.

This research will set the first ever baseline of cyber resilience and impact in the sector. If you take part, you will help the Government understand the national picture and what support care providers need to strengthen their cyber security.

Taking part is confidential. All the information you provide will be treated in the strictest confidence and only Ipsos will know who said what. You can access the privacy notice for the survey here which explains the purpose for processing your personal data as well as your rights under data protection regulations.

Adam Coe, the Cyber Policy Lead for Adult Social Care at the Department of Health and Social Care and its joint unit with the NHS, said,

β€œThe care sector has made great strides in digital and cyber in recent years. To get future decisions on cyber right, we need to know where we are first. To help create what will be the first national cyber resilience baseline in social care ever, I recognise we are asking for your precious time to help. By taking part, you would help us set national direction that supports you and others in reducing cyber risk. I would be incredibly grateful for your time and honesty.”

The survey will launch in February 2024 and is expected to be completed by end of March 2024. If you have any queries, or need any help filling out the survey, please contact Ipsos at [email protected].

The research will also include a survey of technology suppliers; qualitative discussions with care providers, technology suppliers, and leaders within the sector.

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