Better Security, Better Care recognised in Winter Plan

Better Security, Better Care recognised in Winter Plan

Better Security, Better Care – the programme supporting care providers to check and improve their data security arrangements – has been highlighted in the Government’s Winter Plan for 2023/23 for adult social care.

There is a strong focus on growing compliance with the Data Security and Protection Toolkit (DSPT), and all ICSs have been actively encouraged to contact and work with their Better Security, Better Care local support organisations across the country.

The key references are outlined below:

Digital support

The government is supporting providers to implement technology to free up staff time and prevent falls this winter.

National support

DHSC, in collaboration with NHS England, is accelerating work over winter to help ICSs and care providers adopt technologies that are being offered locally via the Digital Transformation Fund, including digital social care records (DSCRs), vital signs remote monitoring solutions and falls prevention technologies. Some DSCR suppliers on our assured supplier list offer integrated access to GP Connect, giving staff appropriate access to clinical information from the primary care record.

While accelerating digital solutions, the government is remaining vigilant against cyber threats. We are working with the Better Security, Better Care (BSBC) programme to ensure that we continue to grow compliance with the Data Security and Protection Toolkit (DSPT), an online self-assessment tool that allows organisations to provide assurance that they are practising good data security and that personal information is being handled correctly. The BSBC programme engages locally supporting local-level awareness and support care providers to become compliant with the DSPT.

Local actions

Providers and ICSs should take up local offers of support as part of the Digital Transformation Fund to increase the use of evidence-based technologies such as DSCRs, vital signs monitoring and falls prevention and detection technologies that improve care quality, safety and reduce demand on NHS services.

ICSs are also encouraged, if they have not already, to make contact with their local Better Security, Better Care partners.

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