Cyber Security Awareness Month and social care

Cyber Security Awareness Month and social care

To mark Cyber Security Awareness month, we’re sharing top tips on how to reduce the risk of an attack, and how to manage if an incident occurs.

Cyber security awareness may seem like a technical issue and get lost amongst care providers’ competing priorities. But having good arrangements in place can open up access to health and care records. And without it you risk losing critical data, you could face a fine and you could be failing to meet CQC standards.

Michelle Corrigan, Programme Director at Better Security, Better Care shares some top tips on how to improve your cyber security.

  1. Back up your data – it reduces the risk of being blackmailed by ransomware
  2. Install anti-viral software – it protects against infections
  3. Protect mobile devices – use the screen lock, and ensure you can track and lock them remotely
  4. Use strong passwords and different ones for different accounts
  5. Be careful with email – don’t click, check official sources
  6. Install software updates – they include security updates
  7. Report cyber attacks – contact Action Fraud 0300 123 2040

Support on cyber security

As a care provider, you can use the Data Security and Protection Toolkit to check your data and cyber security arrangements. And you can access free support on the DSPT from the Better Security, Better Care programme and partners.

Digital Social Care’s Cyber Security Guidance provides practical guidance, resources, and sources of training and support on reducing the risk of a cyber attack, and managing incidents.

If you missed our webinar on cyber attacks with the National Cyber Security Centre and the South West Cyber Resilience Centre, don’t worry – you can view a recording and presentation on this website.

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