Digital care platform secures £3m to expand support in the learning disability sector

Digital care platform secures £3m to expand support in the learning disability sector

Press release from Log my Care

Log my Care, a London-based company whose software platform enables care homes and social care organisations to ‘go digital’, has raised an additional £3m funding from existing investor Mercia Ventures.

This latest investment will further establish Log my Care as a leading supplier to the learning disability sector and help expand its presence in home care.

Log my Care‘s intuitive care management software enables carers to record notes, access medical records and receive prompts and reminders via a mobile app. This helps care managers improve efficiency, care quality and oversight. The platform typically saves carers up to an hour per shift and enables them to create personalised care plans in a third of the time. 

Founded in 2017 by former University of Oxford engineering students Sam Hussain and Adam Hurst, Log my Care is one of the fastest-growing platforms of its type.  Over 1,300 care providers use it to support around 20,000 people across a range of care types, including learning disability, domiciliary care, supported living and more. 

The company, which now employs 35 staff, increased annual recurring revenue by around 80% in 2023 and recently broke the £2m barrier. It is also about to launch a new GP Connect service that will integrate with the NHS and enable carers to access data from GP’s records.  The funding will allow the team to develop a rostering tool that helps care managers handle the complex staff schedules involved in providing home care visits. The latest funding round brings the total raised by the company to over £7m.

While many care providers still rely on paper records, the government provides funding to encourage them to switch to digital social care records (DSCRs). Its £25m-a-year scheme has recently been extended until March 2025 and can only be used on approved suppliers verified by the NHS, such as Log my Care.

Sam Hussain, CEO, said: “By giving carers more time to spend with patients and access to better information, Log my Care helps improve the quality of care for those who need it most. The funding will enable us to continue scaling our business in the UK and extend our positive impact by increasing the number of people supported by our platform from 20,000 to over 100,000.”

 Henry Hamilton of Mercia Ventures added: “Care providers are recognising the need to move to digital technology, aided by government incentives. Log my Care really resonates with independent care homes as an easy to use product that improves efficiency at an affordable price. The company has been growing rapidly. This latest investment will enable it to further expand its market share and establish itself as the leading platform for care providers in the field of learning disabilities.”

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