Check DSPT status

If you are not sure if your organisation has completed the Data Security and Protection Toolkit (DSPT) before, you can check the status online. It is public information. 

Commissioners, CQC inspectors, families and people using care services can also check the DSPT status of a care service.  Reaching Standards Met on the DSPT indicates a service is taking data security seriously.

Use the organisation search function on the Toolkit. This will show you if your organisation has published, and at what level (eg Approaching Standards, Standards Met or Standards Exceeded). 

The search will also show you if your organisation is registered to use the DSPT but has not yet published. 

You can search by the name of the organisation or the ODS (organisation code). See guidance on finding your ODS code. 

Once you have checked your DSPT status, you can then consider if you need to register and use the DSPT for the first time, or review and republish. 

What the DSPT levels mean

‘Approaching Standards’ means you are meeting minimum legal standards. It’s a temporary stepping stone to the next level and you will need to produce an Action Plan to show what you will do to get to Standards Met. Approaching Standards also enables you to get NHSmail – an accredited, secure email system which helps you to share confidential information with local authority, NHS and other colleagues.

‘Standards Met’ is the level you really need to reach. It demonstrates that you are going above basic legal requirements. And it helps you to take some proportionate measures to protect you from cyber criminals.

It will help you to reassure people who use your services, their families and your staff that you are managing their information safely.

It will also enable you to answer the Care Quality Commission’s questions about managing data.

If you are accessing NHS patient data or delivering services under an NHS contract you must have reached Standards Met. Local authorities are also increasing asking for the DSPT in their contracts.

Standards Met opens up access to shared systems with other health organisations including GPs, hospitals and pharmacists. These systems can improve decisions you make about someone’s care and save your staff time.

Standards Exceeded indicates that you have gone beyond required standards and have Cyber Essentials Plus in place.


Get support 

Access detailed guidance: Our online guide takes you through every step, and ever mandatory question. Access our guidance.

Can’t find your services on the DSPT? If you cannot find your service on the DSPT but you believe you have registered or published, contact the DSPT help desk [email protected] 

Find your DSPT lead: If your service is registered on the DSPT, but you are not sure who is managing the DSPT within your organisation, contact the DSPT Help Desk [email protected] 

Get help to register and complete your DSPT: Contact your local Better Security, Better Care support organisation or the Digital Care Hub helpline. 0208 133 3430 email [email protected]