The Care Quality Commission requires all services to keep data safe and to share it securely.

Their new Single Assessment Framework explicitly references the Data Security and Protection Toolkit:

For example, within their quality statement on ‘well-led‘ they state:

Governance, management and sustainability

We have clear responsibilities, roles, systems of accountability and good governance. We use these to manage and deliver good quality, sustainable care, treatment and support. We act on the best information about risk, performance and outcomes, and we share this securely with others when appropriate.

What this quality statement means
    • Data or notifications are consistently submitted to external organisations as required.
    • There are robust arrangements for the availability, integrity and confidentiality of data, records and data management systems. Information is used effectively to monitor and improve the quality of care.
Subtopics this quality statement covers
    • Roles, responsibilities and accountability
    • Governance, quality assurance and management
    • Cyber security and data security and protection toolkit (DSPT)
    • Emergency preparedness, including climate events
    • Sustainability, including financial and workforce
    • Data security/data protection
    • Statutory and regulatory requirements
    • Workforce planning
    • External recommendations, for example safety alerts
    • Records/digital records

CQC is also introducing a ‘provider portal’ to support the sharing of data with the CQC. Care providers will  need to ensure that they are able to safely access and share data with this system.

CQC on the DSPT

In a recent blog article looking at the digitisation of social care, Mark Sutton, CQC’s Chief Digital & Data Officer said:

“CQC will increasingly expect a good provider to comply with the Data Security and Protection Toolkit or equivalent, as a minimum. This also applies where you use a combination of digital and paper record systems.”

In the below video, Mark explains how CQC will be supporting the move to digital care records and the importance of maintaining good, safe records by using the DSPT.