Completing the Data Security and Protection Toolkit for the first time

The Data Security and Protection Toolkit (DSPT) is an online self-assessment tool to help adult social care providers in England to store and share information safely.

It shows you what you need to do to keep people’s information safe, and to protect your business from the risk of a data breach or a cyber attack. It covers both paper and digital records.

It also reassures everyone you work with that you are taking data security seriously, which in turn can open up access to NHSmail and shared records systems such as GP Connect and proxy access. Care providers must have an up-to-date DSPT in place to meet NHS contracts – and local authorities and CQC inspectors increasingly expect you to have it.

Care providers should complete the toolkit at least once a year.

It will cover how to:

Register for the DSPT – including how to register if you have multiple services and sites
Complete to Approaching Standards and Standards Met
Publish your DSPT standard
Access free, official support from the Better Security, Better Care programme.

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