Free Cyber Security Packages for Social Care

Free Cyber Security Packages for Social Care

February 19th 2024

Press release from Vambrace

Vambrace specialise in cyber security infrastructure for businesses. They also work with charities and social care to help improve cyber resilience and support organisations with developing robust cyber security strategies.

Brainkind, the UK’s leading charity helping people to thrive after brain injury, have benefitted from Vambrace’s services and spoke to Digital Care Hub last year about some of the key benefits and outcomes this has had for the charity.

Vambrace have now introduced a free cyber security package tailored specifically for social care organisations. This offer includes:

  1. Security Assessment: ‘Security Scorecard’ will give you a report of your current cyber security posture to identify vulnerabilities and areas of improvement as well as being able to rate your suppliers.
  1. Customized Cyber Security Training: Access to online training modules designed to educate your staff on the latest cyber threats, best practices, and strategies to foster a security-conscious culture including Phishing Simulation.
  2. Gap Analysis: Collaborative sessions to develop a robust incident response plan, ensuring your team is well-prepared to mitigate and recover from potential cybersecurity incidents.
  3. MVS (Managed Vulnerability Scanning) Understand the real vulnerabilities within your environment.
  4. Regular Updates and Recommendations: Stay informed about the latest cybersecurity trends, updates, and personalized recommendations to adapt to evolving threats.
  5. MOBSTR: A Risk Ratings platform for Mobile Applications (Scan 5 Apps in real time)

Care services wishing to make use of this free offer should contact Leigh Clark:

Mobile: 07730 280 012
Email: [email protected]


Photo by Artem Beliaikin on Unsplash

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