How using an eMAR medication system in a care home reduces errors in the medication administration process

How using an eMAR medication system in a care home reduces errors in the medication administration process

July 12th 2023

Medication management within care homes is usually a complex and critical task for care home staff as it plays a vital role in their residents’ health and safety. Medication errors can often lead to severe consequences for residents, including hospitalisation and adverse events, all of which can be avoided.  In order to prevent medication errors and ensure resident safety, care homes need to adopt the right technologies, like an eMAR medication system designed to support good medication practices and management.

An eMAR medication system, also known as an Electronic Medication Administration Record (eMAR), is a digital platform that stores and manages medication administration records in care homes. It provides care home staff with real-time information on medication orders, dosage, and administration schedules. One of an eMAR medication system’s main functionalities is preventing medication errors in care homes.

In their blog post, Person Centred Software detail some of the ways in which using an eMAR medication system can help to reduce the risk of medication errors. They cover:

  • Improved accuracy in administering medication.
    eMAR medication systems provide real-time information and safety checks which ensures accuracy of medication administration and helps to reduce the risk of errors.
  • Enhanced transparency in medication management.
    eMAR systems provide a dashboard that relays all medication information. Staff can easily identify any issues that need to be addressed.
  • Improved communication between healthcare professionals.
    Care home staff can order residents’ medication digitally and directly to their pharmacy of choice.
  • Increased efficiency in medication management.
    Medication management is more efficient, as stock control features enable care homes to manage their inventory more efficiently.

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