Improve your cyber security skills with Immersive Labs

Improve your cyber security skills with Immersive Labs

A premium training platform, Immersive Labs, is available for free to help your team improve your cyber security skills, judgement and knowledge. Suitable for all technical and cyber-orientated colleagues, it’s easy to use and offers bitesize activities that fit into busy schedules.

NHS Digital have partnered with Immersive Labs to offer free training licences to adult social care providers. Technical teams within social care can complete an online form to register. Once you’ve submitted the form, a link to the Immersive Labs platform is emailed to your registered address. Once in, the platform is intuitive to use and it takes a matter of minutes to set up your account and start your first learning lab.

These licences are available until June 2023, therefore we would ask that those who sign up to the platform use the licences regularly in order to gain the maximum benefit.

What is Immersive Labs?

Immersive Labs is a premium online cyber security learning platform that is available now for all technical and cyber-orientated colleagues in social care.

NHS Digital explain,

“We know it’s impossible to attend all cyber training days, and that passive classroom learning doesn’t always work. We also know that staff have different training requirements. That’s why we chose Immersive Labs as it offers flexible, bitesize and customised cyber training which can be accessed anywhere, anytime.”

Once in the platform, you’re asked quick questions to identify clear objectives and set up learning pathways. You are then given a series of relevant learning labs that can be knowledge-based or hands-on ‘real-life’ simulators. Training is gamified and interactive to keep all levels of learners continuously engaged.

There’s training to suit all technical and cyber-orientated roles within a social care team.


Photo by Campaign Creators on Unsplash


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