Internet Explorer goes out of support on 15 June  

Internet Explorer goes out of support on 15 June  

Internet Explorer 11 – a commonly used web browser – will no longer be supported by Microsoft from 15 June 2022. This may affect your access to websites. You should switch to a modern alternative such as Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome.

Many websites, including all of NHS Digital web-based products and websites are designed for, or compatible with, modern browsers. You may find that they do not work, or do not work correctly, if you try to access them using Internet Explorer after 15 June.

Internet Explorer 11 will become an “unsupported system” – so Microsoft will no longer be issuing any software patches or security updates. If you continue to use it, you will be more vulnerable to cyber security threats and it’s more likely that you’ll experience performance or reliability issues.

National Data Standards and implications for DSPT

Under the National Data Standards, organisations should ensure that “No unsupported operating systems, software or internet browsers are used within the IT estate.” So in order to comply you need to stop using Internet Explorer.

If you are completing your Data Security and Protection Toolkit (DSPT) you will need to confirm that you are not using unsupported systems. So it is important to get arrangements in place quickly. Remember, the deadline for publishing your DSPT for 2021/22 is 30 June.

Next steps

Every organisation is responsible for making sure they – and their staff – use safe, supported IT systems. This includes your web browser.

You should contact your IT lead or department and check that they have a plan in place to withdraw Internet Explorer and replace it with a more modern browser across all your computers and mobile devices.

If you access NHS systems – such as Summary Care Records – your organisation should also install NHS Credential Management. Credential Management checks and authenticates the identity of anyone accessing NHS systems. You’ll need Credential Management installed on your device if you need to access core NHS Digital systems such as Spine user interfaces (including SCRa and EPS Prescription Tracker), NHS e-Referral Service (e-RS) and Emergency Department Digital Integration (EDDI).

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