Keeping information safe, a care provider’s perspective – new video

Keeping information safe, a care provider’s perspective – new video

Better Security, Better Care has produced a new video to raise awareness of the programme’s free nationwide local support model.

The video hears from 8 different care services who detail their experiences of implementing good data security practices and accessing the free support available from their Local Support Organisation.

The video features East Midlands Care Association (EMCARE), one of 28 Local Support Organisations working on the Better Security, Better Care programme to help care services with their data and cyber security arrangements.

Gemma Tear of MiLife Care Services says:

“People trust us with their data and they trust us to keep it safe. It’s important that they know we’ve got measures in place to keep their data secure.”

Rose Pasimupindu of Inspire Lives Care emphasises how the free support offer supported her to use the Data Security & Protection Toolkit (DSPT) as a new care provider:

“I’m so grateful I did this right at the beginning of my business. I didn’t know how I was going to navigate going forward and it gave me the tools to do that.”

Baz Kanaber, Project Officer at EMCARE, explains his approach to supporting care services use the DSPT:

“The DSPT is a good framework to find out where there are gaps in your business and we can guide you through and help you find those holes in your business. By having the DSPT, we’re telling care services that they’ll gain access to shared systems and can better support their service users.”

The Better Security, Better Care programme provides free, expert advice on using the DSPT to check and improve data protection and cyber security arrangements. The DSPT should be completed at least once a year.

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