NHSmail Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

NHSmail Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

This is an update from the NHSmail team in NHS England, it provides information for all NHSmail users including those working in social care.

As a healthcare professional, you already understand the importance of security and the need to access clinical and patient data in a safe manner. You wouldn’t treat a patient without confirming their identity first.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) works in the same way, it is an additional way of checking that is it really you when you log into your NHSmail account. We want to ensure your account is protected by asking users to switch on MFA.

You may already use MFA for your online banking or shopping, it is important to protect NHS resources in the same way.

Why do I need MFA on my NHSmail account?

Cyber-attacks on electronic health records and other systems pose a risk to patient privacy because hackers could access sensitive information, potentially causing harm to patient safety and care delivery. Hackers could also use ransomware viruses to hold medical records or devices hostage, risking your access to vital tools and information.

If you have not enabled MFA already:

Thank you for your support in protecting NHS systems.

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