OBE for Ian Turner of Digital Care Hub

OBE for Ian Turner of Digital Care Hub

June 18th 2024

Colleagues have been celebrating Ian Turner’s recognition in the King’s Birthday Honours List.

Ian, who has steered Digital Care Hub (previously Digital Social Care) since we were formed in 2019 and the Better Security, Better Care programme since 2021, has been awarded an Order of the British Empire (OBE) for services to social care.

Michelle Corrigan, Director, Digital Care Hub and Better Security, Better Care said:

“Ian is absolutely critical to the introduction of digital tech in the care sector. He has a rare and precious set of skills: a background in data and tech, a deep and personal commitment to improving care, and practical experience of running care homes. Thankfully he has been combining these super powers to lift our sector into the digital age. Everyone at Digital Care Hub and the Better Security, Better Care programme is delighted that he is getting the recognition he deserves.”

Katie Thorn, Project Lead at Digital Care Hub, said:

“It is impossible to image the digital landscape in social care without Ian. He generously shares his wealth of knowledge, and calmly but persistently represents care providers’ tech and cyber security concerns at every level. On a personal note, Ian has guided, challenged and supported me throughout my time with Digital Care Hub and I am thrilled that he has been recognised for his work.”

About Ian Turner

Ian read Pure and Applied Mathematics at Newcastle University before joining International Computers Ltd ( now part of Fujitsu) in the early 1970’s. He worked as a programmer, then within operating system support, marketing, project management, and sales management. In 1984 he bought a property and converted it into a Nursing Home. He has now developed this into six homes with 270 beds, all within East Anglia, offering nursing and residential care to older people, and those living with dementia. During 2014/15 Ian was seconded into the Department of Health and Local Government Association team implementing the Care Act. Ian chaired the Registered Nursing Home Association for the past ten years. In 2023, the RNHA merged with the National Care Association (NCA), and Ian became Executive Co-Chairman of the NCA.

Ian represents care providers on a number of government boards on digitisation.

Ian secured funding to pilot support on the Data Security and Protection Toolkit for the care sector. This led to the full-scale national roll out of Better Security, Better Care. Ian continues to be an active member of the Programme Board.

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