One language for digital care records

One language for digital care records

March 6th 2024

NHS England’s digitising social care programme has worked with people from across the sector to develop a single set of standard data and definitions to help care providers capture information in the same format, and label it the same way, across all care systems in England.

In February 2024, NHS England published a new draft Adult Social Care Record Standard: Minimum Operational Data Standard (MODS).  The MODS standard provides a single set of data definitions for care providers to ensure they capture information in the same format and label it in the same way across all assured Digital Social Care Record solution suppliers.  The standard will support Care Quality Commission (CQC) registered adult social care providers to use one shared language in digital social care records.

DSCRs and recording information about a person’s care in a standardised way in adult social care, is an important step in the journey to support information sharing between health and adult social care. Better information sharing will support better, safer, and more personalised care provision.

Please see the links below for further information explaining the new set of standard definitions:

One language for digital care records | Digitising Social Care – summary article

Data Standards for Social Care | Digitising Social Care – detailed article and access to MODS and ASC Data Catalogue

To find out more directly from the MODS team, the Professional Records Standards Body and software suppliers, please register for our free webinar on 19th March 2-3:30pm.

For further information please email DSCR enquiries: [email protected]

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