Our free gift for Care Home Open Week!

Our free gift for Care Home Open Week!

June 26th 2024

To celebrate Care Home Open Week, we’re launching free in-person training materials for all care providers to adapt and use.

Based on our highly-successful elearning programme on data security and protection, the package includes all the materials an inhouse trainer will need: session plans, presentation materials, handouts, case studies and assessment options. Just contact us for access.

The resources are being launched today by Michelle Corrigan, Programme Director of Better Security, Better Care at the Care and Support West Conference in Bristol.

Speaking about the training resources, Michelle said:

“We have been overwhelmed by the response to our elearning programme on data security – with over 40,000 page views in just six months, we know we’ve met a real need. But we’ve also had requests for materials to use in face-to-face training. So we’ve responded to that demand and produced a comprehensive classroom-based course which inhouse trainers can use with their staff.

“It’s great to be celebrating Care Home Open Week with a gift to care homes – and all care providers. We really hope it is valuable and look forward to hearing how people are using it.”

The materials are designed to be used flexibly and trainers are free to adapt the slides according to what would work best for their organisation and teams.

Like the elearning programme, there are four modules:

  • Module 1 – Data protection rights and responsibilities: staff responsibilities and people’s rights 
  • Module 2 – Keeping data secure: sharing confidential data and recording and disposing of data 
  • Module 3 – Threats to data security: fraud and scams; safe use of digital devices; and safe keeping of paper records 
  • Module 4 – Data breaches: what is a data breach; data confidentiality; availability of data; data integrity; and receiving data in error. 

The materials for the face-to-face programme consist of:  

  • A guide for trainers on how to use the resources
  • Session plans including suggested ways of breaking the training module up into smaller segments and gives an estimated time for each segment. 
  • PowerPoint slides including notes pages.
  • Handouts including case studies and questions.
  • Assessment options for learners.

Developed by the Better Security, Better Care programme, these are not for commercial usage.

Find out more

To request access to the training materials, please contact us.


Photo by Ekaterina Shevchenko on Unsplash

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