Information Asset Register – Template

April 24th 2019

Information Asset Register – Template

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This is a template. There are example information assets included in this template to demonstrate how it works. These may not be relevant to all organisations. Note that the examples have been generalised – instead of putting “Care Planning System” you should put the actual name of the software. An Information Asset Register (IAR) is a risk register for the information you keep.

What is an information asset?

An information asset is a body of information which has value to an organisation, for example care records in a filing cabinet, care records on planning software, employee training records. You should consider all personal data.

You should record all information whether paper, CD, electronic, tape etc. You should make sure categories are not so small, i.e. individual care plans, that it will take you forever to fill this out but also think about the right level of granularity for your organisation.

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