Tech supplier checklist – The Hubble Project

March 21st 2021

Tech supplier checklist – The Hubble Project

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This tech supplier checklist should be adapted to meet your requirements when selecting a tech supplier. Weighting of factors and issues will vary depending on your own priorities and requirements. For example, for small scale, one off projects, the long term relationship with the supplier may not be critical.

Limiting the number of suppliers engaged on any project can help to reduce your own project management requirements. However, this needs to be balanced with the need to bring in specialists. You may wish to have a lead supplier overseeing all sub-contactors  Рwho may be appointed by the main supplier, or selected by you.

All suppliers must be able and willing to work collaboratively in order to understand and deliver to your requirements.

This checklist was developed as part of The Hubble Project to support care providers when introducing tech-enabled care.

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