The Great Digital Migration of 2025 – Article

Chiptech have written an article about The Great Digital Migration of 2025

The great digital communication migration is intended to be complete by December 2025, which is not that far away. British Telecom’s analogue systems have not really altered much in the last 40 years and have provided a great stable base for Telecare systems to rely on. The change from analogue to digital provides so much more and doesn’t have to be a daunting task – change is inevitable and needed. This migration from analogue to digital through B.T.’s Openreach rollout programme is happening, and there are many positives that can be attributed to it.

This movement does not have to be a recessive one, with planning put into place regarding what a digital telecare future means, this can be a positive and rewarding transition. Chiptech can help you with this, we have been providing expertise in digital telecare systems since 2013 with the Australian wide digital migration and the partial changeover in New Zealand. We would like to share a few of our key learnings and get you on the right path to a successful migration.

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