Elizabeth Finn Homes installed tech-enabled care at Rashwood – a 53-roomed nursing and care home for adults in Worcestershire.

The technology includes:

  • Electronic Care Planning by the Access Group
  • eMAR (electronic medication administration records) by the Access Group

The interface with eMAR is provided by Boots Pharmacy.

(Note: Other suppliers are available. See CASPA’s supplier’s list.)

The technology helps to:

  • reduce medication errors and near misses
  • improve management of medication stocks
  • support efficient analysis of data to identify trends at individual resident, care home and group level
  • free up nurses time, as more staff are involved in recording information
  • care staff to maintain and access up to date information.

Learn why and how Elizabeth Finn Homes introduced the technology and what difference it’s making as they share their tech journey in their video and information pack.

Elizabeth Finn Homes video

Watch the video on how Elizabeth Finn Homes planned, implemented and evaluated the technology.

You can jump to specific sections of the video by clicking on the bullet point list at the bottom right of the video. And you can switch subtitles on and off by clicking on CC, also in the bottom of the screen.