This guide has been designed to help adult social care providers with achieving ‘Approaching Standards’ on the Data Security and Protection Toolkit (DSPT).

It is recommended that social care providers complete the DSPT to Standards Met. However, if this is not achievable the first time, you are able to publish at Approaching Standards. To complete this, you just need to complete the evidence items marked as ‘Mandatory’. You will then be asked to complete an action plan on how you will complete the remaining items over the next year. The action plan is auto-generated.

You can only publish at Approaching Standards once. Once you reach this, we strongly recommend that you continue to work through the DSPT and reach Standards Met.  The next time you complete the DSPT, you will need to reach Standards Met – or even Standards Exceeded.

Access other resources to help you with Standards Met here, and you may find our guide on completing the DSPT useful too.