Data security and protection training videos

These videos on data security and protection can be used in training and induction programmes for staff working in any adult social care setting.

They are taken from our free elearning course for staff.

We recommend that you use the full elearning course as it includes more details, and it enables you to assess staff’s knowledge and understanding. The elearning course can also help you to meet the annual training requirements within the Data Security and Protection Toolkit.

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These resources are available free of charge and are published by the Digital Care Hub under an under the Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International licence. This means that you cannot sell access to these courses. If you are a commercial training organisation, you can still use the resources, but you must acknowledge Digital Care Hub as the owners, and you cannot charge for the part of your training course which involves the use of these resources.

Module 1 – Data Protection Rights and Responsibilities

My responsibilities

The importance of data security and protection in the care system and your personal responsibility to handle data safely.

People’s rights

The rights that individuals have with regards to their personal data.

Module 2 – Keeping Data Secure

Sharing confidential data

When and how to share confidential information.

Recording and disposing of data

How to record information and how to dispose of it safely.

Module 3 – Threats to Data Security
Frauds and scams

What are the typical scams and how to avoid them.

Safe use of digital devices

How to keep information on mobile phones, tablets, laptops and computers safe.

Keeping of paper records

How to keep paper records safe.

Module 4 – Threats to Data Security

Data breaches

The different types of data breaches and how to report them.