Completing a Multiple Headquarters Assessment

Firstly, you need to register each of your organisation’s HQ ODS codes (either A*** or C***). Ensure that for each one you have registered your email as an administrator and completed the organisation profile for each one. You will then see all your organisations listed in the Organisation screen. e.g.

You then have two choices:

1. Separate submission for each HQ

Complete the DSPT for each HQ code separately, by selecting each one in turn. When you publish, you can select the branches you would like to publish on behalf of. We have guidance on how to do this.

2. Provide evidence for multiple organisations in one go

If some of the DSPT responses are common between your organisations, you could save time by choosing this option.

You can select multiple organisations and review their evidence responses and provide responses to questions in bulk. To do this you click on “Provide evidence for multiple organisations in one go” (see screen shot below). You will still need to confirm assertions, provide responses to document questions and publish each assessment separately as usual.

You need to consider which evidence items can be shared with which associated HQ code (for example ICO registration details might not be common to all, but your organisation’s policies might be). Prepare a list of the evidence items for bulk answer, then select the organisations and for each evidence item you have decided can be answered in bulk, then you record the correct evidence. All your answers will be added to all the organisations you have selected.

The “Provide evidence for multiple organisations in one go” function enables individuals to respond to text, date and checkbox evidence items in bulk. Please note that at the time of writing it is not possible to change responses to document evidence items in bulk; they are read-only and can only be reviewed.  For example, for evidence item 1.3.2 you are asked to upload a privacy notice. This cannot be done through the “Provide evidence for multiple organisations in one go” function. Future expansion of this functionality is under consideration.

Once you have shared all the evidence you will need to go into each organisation, complete the bespoke evidence and publish for each branch.