If you have published your DSPT before, you need to review, update and republish it at least once a year.

We strongly recommend that you keep your DSPT up to date. If you introduce new technology, or you develop or purchase new services, you should review your DSPT and republish as soon as possible. This will ensure that your DSPT covers how you are currently operating.

Previously published at Approaching Standards

If you previously published at Approaching Standards (or Entry Level), you have to get to Standards Met in order to republish your DSPT. You cannot publish at Approaching Standards more than once. It is a temporary arrangement to help you to get to Standards Met.

Previously published at Standards Met (or Standards Exceeded)

If you are already at Standards Met or above, you should find it easy to review and republish your DSPT.

You should consider what has changed since you last completed the DSPT. For example, if you have taken on new services, or changed the systems and policies you use, you may need to change the answers to DSPT questions and the evidence you need to give.


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