When you have completed all necessary assertions in the DSPT, scroll to the bottom of your screen and click “Publish”. If you have only completed the mandatory assertions for Approaching Standards you will be asked to complete and upload an action plan on how you will complete the remaining questions.

If you have completed a Standards Met assessment you will not need to upload an action plan and can skip steps 2-4 below.


1. When you have completed all items marked as mandatory, you can publish at Approaching Standards level. Click on this blue button at the bottom of the page:

A picture of a blue box with words which say "Publish Approaching Standards Assessment"

2. Click “blank action plan template” to download your action plan and then complete this for the requirements you haven’t finished yet.

3. When you have completed your action plan, upload it here:

4. You will be able to see the file you have uploaded. If you need to make any changes you can remove and replace the file.

5. Once this is done, click “Publish Approaching Standards Assessment”. You will then be asked to confirm that your organisation profile is correct. Make any changes you need and then click “Publish Approaching Standards Assessment”.

When you have done this, you will receive an email confirming that you have published and confirmation will appear on the screen.

Congratulations, you have completed approaching standards on the DSPT. To move onto your standards met assessment, please look at our Completing Standards Met on the Data Security and Protection Toolkit pages.

For those publishing a Headquarter’s Assessment

Once you have uploaded your action plan, you will be taken to a page that asks who you would like to publish for:

You can choose which of your branches to include when you publish your Headquarters Assessment. The list of your branches should reflect your CQC registrations but if the list is incorrect, please contact the DSPT team to provide details of missing/incorrect branches and request that the ODS record is updated to match the CQC details.

It may be that you wish to publish for some of your branches straightaway, as others may not be ready, e.g. if relevant training has not yet been cascaded across the whole organisation. If the list contains branches that you don’t wish to publish for (i.e. because they are either incorrect or not ready), you can choose to exclude them at the “publish” step. It is fine to add them in later, and the system allows you to do this.

Select all the branches you wish to publish for and click “Publish” to complete your DSPT submission.

If you need to have your submission copied to other HQ Codes, contact [email protected] and ask for them to do this for you.