Digital Care Hub: new name for Digital Social Care

Digital Care Hub: new name for Digital Social Care

September 25th 2023

We’ve changed our name to the Digital Care Hub – but don’t worry, you’re in the right place!

From today, Digital Social Care has become the Digital Care Hub.

We are still an independent consortium, led by care providers, which supports services to make the most of digital technology, safely.

The consortium is continuing to host Better Security, Better care – the national programme helping care providers with data and cyber security. And we are supporting the NHS-led Digitising Social Care programme which now has its own website.

You will see some changes happening throughout September and October.

Our name, logo and website address has changed, and some content has transferred to the new Digitising Social Care website. But don’t worry, even if you are using old website links, they will get redirected to the most appropriate place for information.

Later in October, we will be making further changes to our website to make it even easier to find the information you want. We will ensure that all relevant content is still available to you – and we will continue to develop our sector-led support, content and guidance.

The Digital Care Hub consortium consists of several members of the Care Provider Alliance. At present, these members are:

Contact: [email protected]


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