This guidance covers how to: 

  • decide if you need to register as a single or multi-site organisation
  • register as a single site
  • register as a multi-site organisation  
  • log in if your organisation is already registered 
  • change your DSPT registration.

Register for the first time: single or multi site?

As a care provider using the Data Security and Protection Toolkit (DSPT) for the very first time, you need to:  

How you register and publish will depend on whether you are a care group with multiple sites or a single site.  

Care groups (or multi-site services)

If you are part of a care group, check if your head office is completing the DSPT on behalf of the services within the group. If yes, then don’t worry – your service will be included within the Toolkit that they are producing and your head office will publish on your behalf. If not, then you need to register as a single site.

If you work in head office and are completing the toolkit on behalf of your sites, see our more detailed guidance below.

Single sites

If you are a single site – or your care group has decided that each service within the group should complete their own DSPT – then you need to register as a single site.

If you are a home care agency operating out of one office, you’re considered a single site service.  

See below for detailed guidance on registering as a single or multi-site organisation. 

Logging in 

You can use your previously stored details to log back in to your DSPT account.

If your staff members have changed and you no longer have log in details, please contact the DSPT Team which is based in Exeter. Email [email protected]. 

How to change your DSPT registration 

You may need to change how your organisation is registered on the DSPT. For example, if you buy or sell services you may need to add or remove them from your DSPT publication. If your CQC registration changes, your ODS code may also change. Or if you previously published one DSPT for all services and you have introduced new IT systems or procedures to one service, but not another, you may need to publish separate DSPTs for those services. 

To change your DSPT registration, please contact the DSPT Team [email protected]. 

Support with registration 

Contact one of our 28 local support organisations across the country.

If you’re a multi-site care group with services across England, contact our national helpdesk.