A single site organisation is a care provider that operates from one location.

This includes organisations such as home care services operating out of one office, as well as a stand-alone care homes. 

Single site organisations will have both an HQ (parent) ODS code and a site ODS (child) code.

You can use either code to register for the Data Security and Protection Toolkit, but we recommend that you use your site code (V****). This will enable you to apply for NHSmail via the National Administration Service (NAS). And it will ensure that your site is counted within reports about the use of the DSPT.

You can change to a HQ code if you wish to do so in future. Having a HQ code allows your business to expand/acquire new branches and add them to the same DSPT.  

You can look up your ODS code by following our advice on How to find your ODS code

Next steps

Go the Toolkit to start your registration. Visit https://www.dsptoolkit.nhs.uk/Account/Register 

Once you have registered, you can then:

Complete your profile and set up users

Start to answer DSPT questions.