Digital Champions Community Event

Thursday 6 June 2024

Start: 14:00

End: 15:30

Event Passed

This event will bring together digital champions local to your area, and across England, and include anyone else who is interested in becoming a digital champion in the adult social care sector. This is the third in a series of events aimed at supporting and raising the profile of digital champions to advocate and support the use of technology in the delivery of care, and to build on topics covered in previous sessions.

Digital champions are individuals who work in the sector, who support and empower staff to use digital technology more effectively in the delivery of care, and who have increased confidence, understanding and motivation.

During this event, you’ll be able to share learning and find out more about how other digital champions are supporting their colleagues and people drawing on care and support. You will also have the opportunity to work together to hear about solutions to common issues and find out about new digital and technology innovations, and resources that can support the continuous professional development of your workforce.

This event will help us to build a community of digital champions who can work together to embed digital across the adult social care sector.

Learning outcomes:

  • To gain a deeper awareness and understanding of the role of digital champions and practical ways of fulfilling this role.
  • Find out more about the resources available to support you as a digital champion or as an employer who supports digital champions.
  • Connect with other digital champions in your local area and identify feasible steps, individual or collective, in how to support each other.
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