Care Solution Bureau: accessing NHSmail with the DSPT

Care Solution Bureau: accessing NHSmail with the DSPT

There are numerous benefits to using digital systems. From accessing real time information about a person’s care plan, to sharing information safely for a more person-centred approach – the way we’re using technology is having a positive impact on care.  

But if we’re going to use technology effectively then considering how to manage it safely is key. Abdirashid, Registered Manager at Care Solution Bureau in Tower Hamlets, explains how the homecare service adopted NHSmail after completing the Data Security & Protection Toolkit (DSPT): 

“We were previously contacting GPs with our business email address and wouldn’t get a response. Now that we use NHSmail they respond straight away because they know we’ve been through the DSPT and have a secure mailing system in place.” 

The DSPT is the free, official self-assessment tool that care services should use to check and improve their data and cyber security arrangements. It also opens up multiple benefits – one of which is NHSmail. As Abdirashid explains, 

“It’s so much easier for me to get hold of GP contact details now because I can just refer to the directory. We have 400 service users – so we’re saving a huge amount of time bypassing waiting on a telephone line.”  

Care Solution Bureau are part of the London based ‘Universal Care Plan’ initiative which aims to provide different health professionals with simple access to a person’s care plan.  As Abdirashid says, 

“The Universal Care Plan is a way we localise to coordinate with other services so that a person’s care is as effective as possible. Initiatives like the Universal Care Plan stem from the DSPT and digitisation of the healthcare system because you need to have solid foundations in place to get it right.” 

“We’re data sharing to improve people’s care, and we need to do it safely. The first time you see the DSPT you think it’s going to be difficult but taking it step by step is a good way to get through it. We’ve been doing it for 3 years now and it tells you what you need to do. I find it useful because I know we’re doing everything we can to meet GDPR requirements and keep our information secure.” 

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