1 month to go: publish your DSPT by 30 June

1 month to go: publish your DSPT by 30 June

For care services, things can change rapidly.

Changes to your service, staff turnover, and new IT systems are just a few examples of some of the things that can impact on your policies and procedures.

The way we communicate and share information is changing too. Many care services are adopting digital technology to improve care and there is even government funding available to adopt Digital Social Care Records.

These changes can help to improve care delivery and client outcomes, but it’s important they’re managed safely.

The Data Security & Protection Toolkit (DSPT) is the official tool you should use to check and improve your data and cyber security arrangements.

You might have completed the DSPT in the past, but things change, and you need to review and republish your submission annually.

The deadline to submit your DSPT for 2022/23 is 30 June 2023.

If you don’t renew your DSPT status then it becomes invalid and cannot be used as evidence that you have good data security procedures in place.

There’s still time to complete the DSPT – but the countdown is on.

Whether you’re using the DSPT for the first time or reviewing and republish, access support now to complete in time for the 30 June deadline.

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